Have you ever heard of “travelling maintenance technicians”?

Have you ever heard of “travelling maintenance technicians”?

For those of us at FASB Tools, the term “travelling maintenance technician” identifies a series of very specific professional figures that we have worked with in synergy with a certain frequency for some time now.

So what do we mean when we talk about our “projects for travelling maintenance technicians”? Basically, the supply of solutions for demarcation of temporary work areas, through our line of FASB Tools Barriers, to companies or professionals specialised in maintenance jobs directly onsite.

If any operator has to work at the customer’s premises – whether this is a company, for example for forklift maintenance operations, or a commercial facility with high traffic, such as what happens for maintenance technicians who work on escalators – the technician needs to be able to have demarcation and signalling tools that are easy to transport, compact, easy to install and remove, resistant and safe.

In this sense, our line of FASB Tools Barriers turns out to be the most effective solution: even starting from the lorry transport phase, our products offer practicality, reduced dimensions and efficient storage. All of this combined with their well-known versatility and effectiveness in operating terms, is really a winning combination!

It is important to remember that demarcation of work areas does not just involve positioning fences, barriers and do not enter signs around the spaces like construction sites that, due to their very nature, remain operative even for several years. On the contrary, every day specialised technicians operate promptly and effectively to resolve acceptance testing, maintenance work, repairs and testing jobs on smaller work areas that are temporary. Again in this case, it is always necessary to be able to isolate the spaces with barriers that are solid, resistant, immediately visible and that, consequently, significantly reduce the risk of accidental entry, accidents or incidents.

Our line of FASB Tools Barriers is designed to meet just these aims. We feel that demarcation of an area inside warehouses or production sites is a decisive procedure that should be performed not leaving anything to chance and always using the right tools and accessories, in compliance with the provisions contained in Italian Legislative Decree 81/08.

Here are a few of the characteristics that make FASB Tools Barriers the solution preferred by “travelling maintenance technicians”:

  • High quality product, galvanisation with rust protection
  • Long-lasting and resistant
  • Easy to store, transport, position and take down
  • Equipped with clear signage, up to standard and created on Flame Retardant Class B1 material
  • Available in different models based on the sector (industrial or general demarcation)
  • Customisable with necessary signage and company logo
  • Proposed in various modules and dimensions
  • Can be implemented with a vast series of accessories
  • Excellent quality/price ratio

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