Going back to work after the Coronavirus emergency: the FASB Tools Barrier for the COVID anti-contagion Protocol

Going back to work after the Coronavirus emergency: the FASB Tools Barrier for the COVID anti-contagion Protocol

Companies that have remained operative in the emergency phase and those that, in the coming weeks, will start working again, are now faced with having to comply with the Common regulatory protocol for measures to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace”.

This is a series of laws and regulations published on 14 March 2020 and signed by request of the Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy, Minister of Labour and Social Policies, Minister of Economic Development and Minister of Health. They contain guidelines for adoption of specific anti-contagion safety protocols in companies.

The new provisions, already available in a very detailed version, will most likely have further additions to them as the months go by. However, what will not change is the aim of the laws, which underline how the continuation of manufacturing activities can only occur in the presence of safe conditions, i.e. adequate levels of protection for the people working in these places.

In addition to these detailed rules which must be scrupulously followed, the companies must implement virtuous conduct linked to good sense, dictated by a real awareness of the current situation, and not just by workers but above all by whoever organises the areas where they work.

Naturally, this aspect is also covered in the new Protocol since, as always, a sense of responsibility is the basis of the applicability rule.

How FASB Tools Barriers can help companies to comply with the anti-contagion protocol

FASB Tools Barriers can represent a valid and useful instrument to support companies in creating safer workplaces that are better organised to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

This solution is indicated for management of signage, communications, barriers and demarcations, not only because designed to restrict access to specific areas or create/deviate transit areas efficiently, but also for its ability to effectively communicate messages and instructions (signage).

FASB Tools Barriers make it possible to:

  • Impose a quota on entrances and exits with clear instructions on the route to follow and the rules to comply with
  • Create or deviate transit areas effectively
  • Close or restrict areas and passageways
  • Set up clear and visible signage with new signs where it is mandatory to use masks, maintain a distance of 1 meter from others and sanitise hands
  • Manage restrictions or closures of common areas
  • Manage communications and restrictions of areas with interferences by outsiders, such as suppliers, customers and independent contractors

FASB Tools Barriers help contain the risk of COVID-19 contagion in the workplace: customisable cover

Not only can FASB Tools Barriers be customised with pictograms and specific messages, but they now have a new, additional accessory

In addition to a series of graphic layouts useful for complying with the provisions of the new Protocol, a specific cover is now available used to transform previously purchased FASB Tools Barriers into communication instruments for new messages. This cover can be used to transmit new signs for mandatory rules without necessarily having to buy new Barriers.

Otherwise, new customers can purchase their FASB Tools Barriers keeping in mind the requirements they must meet when the emergency is over, while the cover is used to effectively and rapidly respond to the legal provisions to comply with in this special phase.
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