FASB Tools Barriers and their specific accessories, are instruments designed for demarcation of any temporary work area in an effective and safe manner. Thanks to their high visibility and included signage, they provide a tangible solution for putting operators in safe conditions and all those who may interfere with them for whatever reason. It can be an essential support product during temporary jobs because they were designed with characteristics that make it easier for the operator to comply with the safety officer’s instructions, i.e.:

  • Visible demarcation of the area
  • Signage in compliance with laws
  • Simple and fast to use

This way it is easier to achieve the best result in the best manner.

Temporary demarcation of an area in warehouses or production sites is a determinant procedure for preventing accidents. It is not by chance that this process is mentioned by Italian Legislative Decree 81/08, and, in most cases, also contained in the D.U.R.V.I. (single document on the assessment of risks from interference).

The need to restrict access to certain work areas is linked to various factors, which can include occasional or routine maintenance, normal safety procedures near movements, acceptance testing and protection of general hazardous areas.

FASB Tools Barriers are ideal for solving these situations in a practical, quick and effective manner. And all of this includes a maximum degree of quality, in terms of materials: the product possesses long-lasting and resistant galvanisation for rust protection, and signs are made of Flame Retardant Class B1 material.

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FASB Tools Barriers
Available types

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Industry (yellow/black)

Ideal for the industrial sector.

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Work (white/red)

Ideal for any generic area.

Customise the barrier

With the signage you need and your logo


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Why choose FASB Tools barriers

  • Easy to transport
  • Reduced dimensions
  • Foldable and practical to use
  • Effective demarcation and signalling of the area
  • Includes clear signage and correctly up to standard
  • Highly customisable
  • Maximum visibility
  • Accessories to complete the product
  • Maximum material quality
  • Excellent quality/price ratio