COVID-19 management: protection barriers for measuring body temperature

COVID-19 management: protection barriers for measuring body temperature

The FASB Tools Protection Barriers represent an excellent solution for performing body temperature measurement operations by assigned operators. It should be noted that body temperature measurement is a procedure that is not always mandatory, but often recommended – and in many facilities already implemented – by recent provisions for managing the COVID-19 emergency.

Specifically, this procedure is particularly important in this phase for complying with the industry protocol, which calls for preventing access to workplaces for individuals with a so-called “risky” body temperature, i.e. 37.5° or higher

So it is not just essential to work within these procedures, but to also do it correctly, preventing the personnel assigned to measuring body temperature from accidentally coming into contact with a possibly contagious person. At the same time, the presence of specific protection barriers like those proposed by FASB Tools adequately prepares people to take the test, underlining the high level of protection and focus on the rules by the organisation requesting it, whether it is a company or a large supermarket chain or a shop.

FASB Tools Barriers: safety for operators and correct flow management

There are various body temperature measurement systems currently available, from more automatic and sophisticated ones to classic manual methods with thermometers and infra-red, widely used due their practicalness and safety.

The latter require the presence of specific operators to supervise the correct measurement, and it is essential in this phase that there is no accidental contact between who is measuring and who is being measured. The risk of not complying with the safety distance is clear, especially in facilities (like supermarkets or shopping malls) where the operators have to manage the daily flow of hundreds and hundreds of customers.

In this case, FASB Tools Barriers are an effective solution for working in complete safety. They make it possible to create real islands for safely measuring body temperature.

The FASB Tools Barrier is two meters high ensuring coverage of the entire person and is protected by a transparent divider screen, where two holes have been drilled at two different heights, so that the laser beam emitted by the measuring device can pass through.

Lastly, it is important to remember that the FASB Tools Barrier also has specific, clear  signage regarding the function, obligations and the procedures the public must follow to access the spaces.

The result? Maximum safety of the procedures and perfect flow control.

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