Healthcare sector

Healthcare sector

The FASB Tools Barriers are a strategic and effective solution for hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare companies, where the public presence must be organised based on the efficiency and rationality of spaces and transit areas, in order to guarantee safety and successful performance of ongoing activities. This is even more necessary where there are specific areas used to manage medical and healthcare emergencies. Their usefulness is linked to the ability to create a control and effective demarcation of spaces, at the same time permitting clear and effective visual communication by affixing adequate signage.

The healthcare spaces that can be managed by FASB Tools Barriers can be both indoor, i.e. in hospital facilities and related to the management of machines and patient care, or more simply during maintenance work, and outdoor, i.e. connected to the outside of buildings.

This latter case may be connected to the presence of extraordinary first aid areas or used to store medical materials and equipment, for example oxygen tanks or other equipment.

FASB Tools Barriers are very effective in managing restricted entrances and exits, if it is necessary to generate organised flows and if external presences are not allowed.

Thus, FASB Tools Barriers in the healthcare sector can be used for an effective, fast and easily manageable immediate restriction, demarcation and signage for specific intervention areas.

The possibility to customise the Barriers is such that practical communication of the reasons for the ban and directing traffic is possible and thus contributes to making the rules clearer, more immediate and effective.

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