About us

FASB Tools: Passion and concreteness for safety

A company that renews, innovating safety
FASB’s ambition is to create practical solutions to make any work area safe.
The world of safety with its importance and the great cultural challenge it entails, appeals to us. It is in this field that FASB Tools has decided to concretely focus with the currently existing product range.
Effectiveness, simple use and strong inclination towards aesthetics are the characteristics that we always look for when designing our products, which are aimed at contributing certain operative advantages.


FASB Tools is a brand that sprung from FASB’s experience, gained in 40 years through the expertise of people and technology in the production cycle.

Openness and knowledge

Openness to new challenges and development of new tools, becomes knowledge through dialogue with customers and industry operators.

Creativity and development

These are essential elements that, combined with production capacity, make it possible to transform an idea into a tangible solution.

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